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The Miner's Guild: Dig For Victory

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I’ll give them their due—they might be rougher than old boots, but they’re a hardy breed. Unpredictable too. I’ve never known the like, watching them burrow around the pitch. It’s a sight to see, and damned effective. They’ve only been here a little while, but they’ve already made a bloody big bang!
— Lucky, Free Agent

Down to earth and pragmatic, Shaft is a redoubtable man who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. On the field he isn’t shy of hard work either, directing his crew forward towards victory and forcing the opposition out of position with his precise toolkit.

Whether they’re escaping through secret tunnels or creating dangerous sinkholes to trap the opposition, the Miner’s Guild control the pitch like no other. If someone tries to hide the ball, an explosive will soon blast it back into play or even destroy it completely, forcing a throw in. And if they need some muscle? The Mule is a crowd favourite for tossing the opposition around like ragdolls, and Fissure is keen to grind foes under her heavy tracks too...

This set includes a ball, bases, a 3D terrain piece, a goalpost, and 6 players: Shaft, Digger, Spade, Mule, Fuse, and Fissure, all cast in coloured resin.