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Ranger Cinia (with hand cannon)

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Cinia's tribe used to dwell in a forest, raiding the usual passerby or the rare merchant. They were pretty discrete with their antics, or so they thought. They were tolerated by the elven kingdom that ruled over that forest until the moment they started getting greedy and the king had to take action. He sent one of his archers to take care of the goblins that plagued their lands.

Cinia was paralyzed the moment she saw her tribesmen fall one by one to an unseen force, with only the arrows telling they were under attack. Before passing onto the void, Cinia managed to see their assailant, a tall and slender elf, wielding a bow and arrow standing tall atop a branch on a nearby tree.

Be it by sheer luck or by the works of destiny, Cinia managed to escape death, only knowing how to run away from the looming memory of her foe haunting her. This memory was the perfect tool for Krogulk to exploit, making Cinia a deadly weapon always out of reach.


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